Privacy Policy


1.1 Boovent

Boovent provides an online event ticketing and registration platform. Through this platform people can create, search, share and book the events.

1.2 Services

The website and the domain and all the webpages and services on the site are offered and provided by Boovent. We refer to all these as “Services.”

1.3 Users

Boovent provides a very simple and easy platform for the organizers, promoters, institutions and event managers (“ORGANIZERS”) to create their own event page, their own profile, and company profile and also to promote the event pages to the visitors (“ATTENDEES”) on the platform who intend to buy the events passes or register for the event. We refer to all the organizers, attendees and visitors on the website collectively as “Users” OR “You.”


2.1 Website

The privacy policy hereby is designed with respect to the information which relates to a person and/or any organization. When you use Boovent services, we may ask you various information (“personal/non-personal data”). This data is used to identify you. We keep user data safe and protected with us and so we have designed this privacy policy. Kindly read this policy before using the services, if you agree to these policies, only then you can access the services. This policy provides information regarding your privacy policy.


3.1 Personal Data

When you access our services, we collect some personal data which includes name, email, phone number and other information that enables us to identify you.

When you use Boovent, we receive some technical data that is sent from your computer i.e. Internet protocol (IP) address of your computer, operating system information, browser information and name of your ISP. This information helps us to improve our service offerings, during any dispute, Boovent also holds the power to pass the same information to legal authorities when need be.

3.2 As an Organizer

As an organizer we may collect your other personal data in terms of your debit/credit card details (card number, expiry date), bank account details and /or address to carry on the payout. We may also ask for your tax payer ID, GST Registration Number. You agree that these information can be shared to the payment gateway which is used on the platform.

3.3 As an Attendee

For any paid service you will access, we will collect personal data from you in terms of your payment options, debit/credit card details (card number, expiry date), bank account details and billing address. Organizers can set an event page with registration to collect any information from the attendees. We may also collect some personal data from third party sources, social media, data providers, organizers.


We collect and use the personal data given by you In agreement with the privacy policy mentioned here.

4.1 Serve the purpose

When you provide us the data to us the services on the platform, we use the information to allow you the access to our services to serve your purpose of visit. We will use the information for internal business, to make our services better with better understanding of your needs and helps us to provide you the best services we can.

4.2 Marketing

We may provide organizer with the user data, the email that is provided by you can be used and accessed by the organizer who is posting an event. If you have registered for any specific event, the organizer of that event has your information and he can contact you to market the event. Organizer will be able to use to send details about his events if that might interest you. If we have to use any of your information in a way that is not mentioned here, we will contact you and ask for your prior information. Only then the information will be used.

4.3 No Sale

We will not sale the personal data that is provided by you at any instances. We are not in this business of selling the data as we believe that the information that is provided by you is important and we respect your privacy.


5.1 Limit your privacy

You can choose to limit the information that you provide us. You can browse the platform. If you don’t provide us any information the services will be limited too. We will have your data as long as your account exists on our system. You can deactivate your account by dropping us a mail here.


We do not allow any data below age of fifteen (15) years on our platform. Children below fifteen years of age are hereby suggested not to submit any information. We kindly request the guardians to take care of the data provided. If you find any such type of activity on our platform which involves the participation of minors, drop down a mail here and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Different services on the platform will change from time to time and so with that the privacy policy will change. Boovent holds the right to modify these privacy policy. Any major update or modification will be updated on the website.

8. Dispute and Complaints

If you have any complaints regarding our functioning, feel free to write reach us at Boovent, T32, Amanora Park Town, Hadapsar, Pune, 411028.

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